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Automatically drafts responses with more company data
on your Browser

Whether you're answering customers in Intercom or Zendesk Chat, or in your Outlook inbox, let Hypertype write a full reply with the most relevant answers in real-time.

*Offer only available for the first 100 customers.


About HypertypeX

Empower your customer communications with AI-based solutions.

HypertypeX is the more powerful version of our original already launched product, Hypertype. Due to our successful launch and growing popularity for more data integrations and interfaces, Hypertype X is built as the ultimate productivity tool that automatically drafts customer responses in any Chrome Browser tabs, with more data integrations than ever.


What You Will Get from HypertypeX


AI-based Expert suggestions from your company data that is stored in different tools.

Additional new features: summarize your action points and easier to verify source origin. Included all the features that are available in Hypertype Infinity Plan.


Connect your Company Data in One Click:

  • Outlook (email history)

  • Google drive (files)

  • Intercom (articles)

  • Zendesk (articles)


Included all the data sources that are available in Hypertype Infinity Plan:

Gmail email history, Notion pages, Files (words, spreadsheets).


Hypertype automatically drafts any types of responses in any Chrome browser tab.


Early-Bird Price (Pre-launch)

All plans include unlimited amount of generations, data sync and listed integrations on this page, for the first year. Prices are subject to change or readjust after the first year.

Estimated product delivery time in 1Q-2Q 2024. Subject to change.


Per Seat / Month

Billed for the first year.


3 Seats / Month

Billed for the first year.

Important note: Your billing email will be used to create your Hypertype account later on. You will receive emails regarding product updates with the billing address. 

Not the integrations you are looking for?


Fill in this form and voice out your opinion. Have a say in our product roadmap.

Ready to revolutionize your customer communications today.

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